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Newly Added (recently added first):

- 3/31/2024 - Added Export to CSV (download button) to Weapon AR Calculator
- 1/7/2024 - Add Scaling Letter and Values to Build Calculator
- 7/27/2023 - Update to 1.10.
- 6/29/2023 - On Build Calc, merge Current Stats and Total Stats for mobile and add Active Effect table field. Minor bug fixes.
- 6/25/2023 - Added Damage Calculator to Weapon AR Calculator:
--- Ability to import Active Effects on your build. Go to Build Calculator to set those effects by selecting equipment.
--- Ability to see Active Effects imported from your build on Weapon AR Calculator.
--- Includes PvP toggle to use PvP modifiers for damage.
--- Set Enemy Defense and Negation for damage calculation.
--- Can choose a selected enemy to set negation and defense for that enemy. New Game Plus scaling can be taken into account for that enemy.
--- Select up to eight movesets that can calculate damage for each weapon.
--- Poise damage is added and included for each weapon and moveset.
--- DPS calculation now takes into account Enemy Defense and Negation.
--- Table fields from Weapon AR Calculator should take into account Active Effects that are imported from build.
- 5/23/2023 - Added Standard Affinity. Useful to seperate between weapons that can change affinites and those that cannot. Minor Fixes to DPS Calculation.
- 5/19/2023 - Fix freezing issues and table issues with spell calc and build calc.
- 5/17/2023 - Add Rune Level fields to Build Calculator. Bug Fixes and minor improvements added.
- 5/7/2023 - Improve Weapon AR Table. Add Reset buttons on Weapon Table and Current Stats.
- 4/26/2023 - Added damage per second to the Weapon AR Calculator.
- 4/23/2023 - Support spells in Spell calculator are now added. Other spell calc improvements.
- 4/18/2023 - Update for v1.09.1. Added minor fixes to spell calculator.
- 4/16/2023 - Armor optimizer enhancements:
--- Algorithm improvements. Way more optimal armor combinations with little performance loss.
--- Settings integrated into build calculator and save system
--- Great Runes and Wonderous Physick included into armor optimization
--- Add ability to filter for maximums.
--- Other small enhancements and improvements.
- 4/14/2023 - Added class calculator. Fix bugs regarding spell slots and fp cost.
- 4/10/2023 - Added build calculator. Should have most features a typical build calculator has. Here are the list of features not found on other Build Calculators below:
--- Wonderous Physick integrated into build calculator
--- Table that lists active effects with more detailed information on what the effect does
--- All Active Effects from weapons, spells, armor, talismans, physick, rune are all integrated into the calculator
--- PvP toggle to use PvP modifiers for effects when applicable
--- Planner accounts for effects that do not stack with each other.
--- Information on status effects on equipment that have them
--- Calculates scaling on certain spell buffs and applies that to the weapon as well as calculate scaling for healing
- More features to come. Any suggestions or bugs please fill out the google form.

- 3/23/2023 - Update for v1.09. Minor corrections were made in code to adjust for changes in patch.
- 3/22/2023 - Saves Weapon Filter Settings. Added reset button to get default settings if needed. Display scaling as decimal rather than integer.
- 1/15/2023 - Bull Goat adjusted poise added in armor optimizer, Endurance increase accounted for in armor when equipped, rolling breakpoints slightly adjusted.
- 1/14/2023 - Extended Character Limit for Save Name. Small redesign of the Save functionality
- Add Grease items to AR Calc
- Add No Armor option to Armor List
- Add Guard Types to Weapons
- Add Physical Damage Types to Weapons
- Add ability to show/hide columns on tables
- Add armor exclusion list to armor optimizer
- Add throwables and fists to Weapon AR calculator

Current To-Do List:

- Add a weapon damage calculator (for specific damage values rather than AR)
- Ability to export table and build into a file
- Integrate ash of war into build calculator
- Integrate items into build calculator
- Work on sorcery / incantation / ash of war damage calculator
- Tentative development of build calculator for Armored Core 6
- Other bug fixes, upgrades, and potential performance improvements