Elden Ring Calculators

Calculate and optimize the best builds for Elden Ring.

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Newly Added (recently added first):

- 1/15/2023 - Bull Goat adjusted poise added in armor optimizer, Endurance increase accounted for in armor when equipped, rolling breakpoints slightly adjusted.
- 1/14/2023 - Extended Character Limit for Save Name. Small redesign of the Save functionality
- Add Grease items to AR Calc
- Add No Armor option to Armor List
- Add Guard Types to Weapons
- Add Physical Damage Types to Weapons
- Add ability to show/hide columns on tables
- Add armor exclusion list to armor optimizer
- Add throwables and fists to Weapon AR calculator

Current To-Do List:

- Make a better design to try to make the stats + filters fit a single page
- In the future, add a sorcery / incantation / ash of war damage calculator
- In the future, add a weapon damage calculator (for specific damage values rather than AR)